Graeme Bennett's Woburn Photos

Some photographs taken by Graeme Bennett at Woburn, Gracefield and Seaview in the early 1960s. The EMU photographs were taken between 27/2/60 and 12/11/60.

The photographs are all Copyright Graeme Bennett.

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K911 in steam departs Hutt Shops with a Dg and a Dm. The sign reads "Automatic Signalling Ends. Entering Open Section".

K911 with a Dg and a Dm ready to depart for Wellington. K911 was the last K to be overhauled at Hutt.

K911 departs Woburn as an English Electric EMU approaches on the Up Main. The cross-over had been lifted by 1975.

As K911 departs Woburn the single slip on the down main can be seen.

An English Electric EMU departs Woburn for Hutt Park. The head-code "9" means Upper Hutt All Stops. This train may have run from Upper Hutt to Hutt Park

English Electric EMU at the Hutt Park platform. This EMU does not have a head-code. The Hutt Workshops are on the right.

English Electric EMU crosses the Waiwhetu Stream before laying up in the Workshops siding. Parkside Road has not been built. Note the "13" head-code.

English Electric EMU in the Workshops siding. The Hutt Park platform is out of sight behind the fence. Note the type "B" levers.

A three car English Electric EMU at the Hutt Park platform, tail lights on, ready for the return journey. Note the PA system. Is the white object the gate to the Hutt Park Motor Camp?

An Ed electric locomotive pushes English Electricdiesel-electric Df locomotives to the Workshops. The main line and the Whites Line overbridge are on the left.

Ed electric locomotive pushes two Df diesel-electric locomotives into the Hutt Shops. Note the pristine condition of the points indicator!

Ww488, the Hutt Workshops shunter. The Gracefield branch is behind the fence.

Bagnal Dsa 248 towing train and De 510 to Woburn, about half-way between Hutt Park Road and the present Parkside Road. Note the end of the wires in the distance.

De 510 attached to the rear of a train to Woburn. De 510 would then haul the train ( minus Dsa) to Wellington. The same train as in previous photo .

Laid up steam locomotives at the end of the wires. Looking towards the Waiwhetu Stream, the Hutt Park platform and the Hutt Workshops.

Bagnal Dsa at work, looking south towards Point Howard. Hutt Park Road and the Gracefield yard are just beyond the curve.

Laid-up steam locomotives at Seaview. looking east towards the Wainuiomata Hill Road.

Da 1425 on the test track at Hutt shops.

Ka 935 and carvan at the old Silverstram Railway site at Seaview. Mobil Oil tanks in the background. Looking towards the Gracefield yard.

Remains of Rm 5 being driven by Bill McLean. At the old Silverstream Railway site, Seaview.

Wellington tram bodies at the Hutt Park Motor Camp.

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