An A Is Laid Up

Some photographs taken by Graeme Bennett at Gracefield and Seaview in the early 1960s.

The photographs are all Copyright Graeme Bennett.

This is Graeme's description of the events shown in these photos.

On this day I was tipped off that they were going to propell a dead A class down to Seaview with the shunt.

I managed to get after it as it departed the shops from just beside the Hutt Park platform. You can just see one of the trams at Hutt park camp.

The Bagnal pushed to loco round to the sidings after dropping the rest of the train in Gracefield yard. Then to my surprise wound the diesel up to a good speed and let the A rumble down the siding into the rear of the other dead locos with a thunderous crash !!

My shot is of the loco trundling past me............unassisted.

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The Bagnal Dsa leaves Hutt Shops for Gracefield. It is pushing an A that is to be laid up.

Crossing the Waiwhetu Stream. Today (2004) this is the site of the Parkside Road crossing. One of the tram bodies in the Hutt park Motor Camp can be seen on the left.

The driverless A travels along the bleak Seaview sidings.

The A joins the other laid up steam locomotives. Looking across the Harbour to Wellington.

Another view of the laid up locomotives, looking towards Point Howard.

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