Featherston - Toast Martinborough Day 2005

A photographic gallery showing events on Toast Martinborough Day, Sunday 20th November 2005.

The morning train schedule can be downloaded here.

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F02 approaches Speedy's Crossing.

4029, with F02 at Speedy's Crossing.

F02 has arrived. Buses and portaloos await passengers.

Featherston Station Car Park with passengers, buses and portaloos. F02 in the background.

Stop Board tells drivers where to stop. Passengers walked through cars to open doors.

Sign in carriage window.

Panel in station building gets its once a year work out. On the left F04 approaches; on the right, at the north end F02, sorts itself out.

Stop Board for F04 (behind camera). The locos from F02 are running around and the points are about to be reversed.

F04 arrives.

F04. Passengers dismbark from an EMU which has the pan down. There is no overhead wiring in sight.

F04. Eight car Ganz is too long for the Featherston platform.

Featherston Yard. F04 at platform, service of F02 in siding. Truncated backshunt in foreground.

State Highway 2. Buses cross SH2 on what is probably Featherston's busiest day.

7023 in Toll colours, crosses SH2 with F06 and the Capital Connection cars.

Bus crosses railway just south of Featherston Station. The bus is on its way to Martinborough with passengers from F06.

57km peg. Locos from F04 have run around and the service is parked.

Angle Parking. Service of F04 needs all the space it can get.

Bus has arrived back at Featherston and gets ready for the passengers from F08.

F08 arrives. Service of F04 on left.

F08. Passengers disembark and walk to the station building to obtain a glass and paperwork.

F08 at platform with services of F02 (left) and F04 (centre).

1614 has just arrived.

1614 departs.

F10 arrives at Featherston.

A line of of buses depart for Martinborough.

Martinborough Lions. Get your glass here.

Umbilical cord suggests that there is a problem. A generator is in the hut.

Flat Battery?

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