Hutt Valley Documents

Browse the text of documents relating to the operation of Hutt Valley train services.

( I may also include a few interesting documents that are not directly relevant to the Hutt Valley.)

Duties of Guards, Assistants and Special Temporary Assistants On Trains.

Wellington Suburban Area.


Includes: Safety & "All Clear"; Replacement Buses; General Instructions; Passenger Handling; Delays; Train Equipment; Fire Extinquishers; Protection; Derailments; Lighting; Checking Tickets; Passenger Counts; Tickets General; Pay-In of Monies

Handbook of Instructions Relating To Electrified Services.


Includes some interesting information on the operation of the English Electric (red) EMUs.

Also includes: Definitions; Safeguarding Staff; Preparing Locos & EMUs; Stabling Locos & EMUs; Running Locos & EMUs; Division & Coupling EMUs; Brakes; General Instructions.

Plans For Emergency Working Of Trains


Petone - Wellington - Tawa

This booklet lists nine emergency plans for use when various sections of line in the Wellington suburban area are obstructed. The nine plans are summarised on this page.

Of particular interest are the plans which route passenger trains through the Wellington Yard. Full details are given of Plan G, which covers the situation when the Up Main between Wellington Junction and Ngauranga is obstructed. Up trains are routed via the Goods Yard.

Duties of Handsignalmen and The Hand Operation Of Motor Points


Includes: Duties; Communications; Handsignals; Detonators; Isolating motor points; Classification of motor points; Hand operation of motor points; Crank handles.

Included because the points at Woburn have been hand wound since a station fire several years ago. Operating practices have changed substantially since 1984 but the technical detail will still be correct.

Hints For Guards Working Johnsonville, Manawatu And Wairarapa Trains


A training booklet for Guards explaining the operation of stations in the area bounded by Longburn, Woodville and Johnsonville.

Much of the infrastructure described no longer exists - for example under Waingawa there is a description of the use of the 'A' and 'B' Woods keys and an explanation of how to free the hatchet interlocking in cold weather.

Hutt Valley Lands Settlement Act


This Act of Parliament set up the legislative framework that allowed the Petone - Waterloo branch line to be built and paid for by the betterment of the land it served.

The Act set in motion the process that culminated in the construction of a double track, electrified commuter railway through the Hutt Valley.

Local Instructions

Download local instructions for various Hutt Valley and Wairarapa stations. Each document is in pdf format. I have added a copy of the the associated Signalling & Interlocking (S&I) Circular to some of the documents. The local instructions add information that is often not obvious from the S&Is. For example, the slot controlled Outer Home signals at Gracefield.

Petone L71   (August 1975)
Woburn-Waterloo L 917   (May 1960).
Gracefield L1260/1 & 1260/2.
Taita L889   (April 1960).
Taita L365   (Nov 2001).
Trentham L194   (Dec 1976)
Upper Hutt L 739   (May 1959)
Upper Hutt - Featherston CTC
Featherston L286  (March 89).

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Brief extracts from the Working Timetable relevant to the Hutt Valley.

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