Driver's View - Ngauranga

A driver's view of Ngauranga on Sunday 15 February 2004 when an unseasonal southerly was blasting Wellington. Salt water on the track had dropped the track circuits and all signals were at Stop. The permissive signals were passed under Stop & Proceed rules.

Salt water on the track also makes accurate stopping difficult so two signals at Ngauranga can display Advance Caution (flashing top yellow).

The photographs were taken from Masterton passenger trains 1615 (to Wellington) and 1616 (returning to Masterton).

All photographs are Copyright Bruce Scott.

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1. 1615 departs Waterloo. 80 Down Starting From Down Main (Waterloo) is displaying green over red. After a fire at Woburn in the mid 1990s the lower unit has been fixed Red. Wellington Harbour and Ngauranga are in the distance, under the dark sky.

2. Between Petone and Ngauranga. A southerly storm lashes the coast, with Point Halswell and the Miramar Peninsula just visible in the murk. State Highway Two (Hutt Road) is on the right.

3. Between Petone and Ngauranga. The Wellington fault line is on the right.

4. 1615 approaches a Stop & Proceed intermediate signal (745 or 853). Because of salt water on the track the track circuits are down and the signal is displaying Stop. 1615 will pass the signal at Stop under the Stop & Proceed rules.

5. Intermediate double unit Stop & Proceed signal 673 displaying Stop due to the weather. The closeness of the track to the sea is clearly visible. At one stage this signal was a double unit searchlight and the mast was strengthened with a wire stay.

6. Approaching the site of the Ngauranga Yard. The land on the left was reclaimed in the 1960s(?). The track was once much closer to the sea. The State Highway One road overbridge at Ngauranga can be seen in the distance.

7. 10R Down Starting at Ngauranga. The A-Light is illuminated, converting the signal into a Stop & Proceed. Sea water on the tracks makes acccurate stopping difficult so the Advance Caution indication can be displayed on the two signals in rear. Port of Wellington and Wellington City are in the background.

8. 1616 returning to Masterton. The signal closest to the camera is 12L Down Starting From Up Main. In the distance, just before Ngauranga Station is 8L Up Directing which is displaying Stop due to sea water on the track. The remains of 16R Down Starting From Loop can be seen on the left, as can the wiring for the lifted loop.

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